Monday, 27 June 2011

I should first of all finish off the post about Ashers Dad and My Mum and step father giving the same prophecy. As it is actually amazing.

After Asher had died Asher's dad revealed he had forgotten that he had given this to Asher when he had first gotten cancer in 2005. And then he had gotten the passage again in prayer and told Asher who reminded him you told me this in 2005.

so of course with this extra bit of information I think it all makes sense. The prophecy gives the king a time period for his extended life and with both Asher's Dad and my family coming with the same passage I would concluded God is saying your time period is up. Now is your time to come to God.

I find this really comforting actually. We can trust that everything we are going through God is moving with us.

I wish Asher's dad had mentioned it when we were discussing it but communication is not one of the strengths.

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