Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 2 networking

found a few websites so i am pleased as punch. just got a few days untill the cupboards will be empty and the freezer low. I hope I can last it out without panicing for a few weeks when I should have things in place to avoid a que or a stroll amidst card and tin rather than the forest or fields.

Today was open Farm Day and although I had every intention of networking, strolling, petting and exploring no matter what the weather we took ages buying and then setting up the cages for a hamster and mice for the children.

So I am really sorry to all the farms who lost other due to poor organisation or rain. I hope many others did get out and about on local farms.

We had a power cut tonight and it made me realise that I am going to have to plan ahead and keep things in stock as my supermarket bread, pitta, olives, toms and cheese served us a treat when the electricity was off for over 2 hrs. Where can I buy melon!

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