Monday, 27 June 2011

So far i have only spent about 200 pounds shopping locally and avoiding supermarkets. i went once into sainsbury as I wanted to stock the fridge with things for my sister in law coming to look after the kids. I realised three of the meals I got were to be eaten on the day of purchase so they would be out of date and when I got back from the weekend most of the meals were still there and out of date.

What a waste.

I went into Morrisons also last week, but got to the strawberries and got fed up as they were squashed and old. I left feeling fed I had tried!

So still going and going well. shopping is much more fun, eating is much more fun and money is more in my pocket!

Rosanna is happy
I should first of all finish off the post about Ashers Dad and My Mum and step father giving the same prophecy. As it is actually amazing.

After Asher had died Asher's dad revealed he had forgotten that he had given this to Asher when he had first gotten cancer in 2005. And then he had gotten the passage again in prayer and told Asher who reminded him you told me this in 2005.

so of course with this extra bit of information I think it all makes sense. The prophecy gives the king a time period for his extended life and with both Asher's Dad and my family coming with the same passage I would concluded God is saying your time period is up. Now is your time to come to God.

I find this really comforting actually. We can trust that everything we are going through God is moving with us.

I wish Asher's dad had mentioned it when we were discussing it but communication is not one of the strengths.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Day 3 1 becomes 4

I nearly gave in to temptation today when I found my lamb joint really needed roasting today and I had (knowingly) forgotten to back and buy potatoes at my last supermarket visit as I had forgotten them on the way through.

I managed to step outside of my box and chop the meat up and made two curry's instead which was great. I had four potatoes which would not have been enough to roast but I actually only used two in one of the currys and so still have two for using another time. So i made a lamb roast make two dishes and we hardly touched the one I served today so that will be going in the freezer for use another day. I am liking this already. I think this one roast meal is going to actually stretch to four meals, not bad for a non visit to the supermarket!

3 onions
4 cloves of garlic
a good helping of chopped up ginger
4 green chillis
4 tablespoons of veg oil
1 Tbs paprika (i use instead of red chilli powder as I always make things too hot!)
1 Tbs G.Coriander
1 tsp Turmeric
1 Tbs Salt
1/2 tbs B.Pepper

you could add other spices, ie; guram massala, cumin, cloves, cardamon, etc but we like it simple and do not like the deep tastes these give...

add lots of cubed lamb and fry then add large tin of spinach. Put on a lid and add water as needed to ensure it does not burn base of pan. cook for 20-30 mins and test to see if lamb is tender. yummeee.

The other dish I did was lamb marinaded in yogurt, paprika, salt, coriander, lemon cut into four quaters and morrocan spices ready from a modern tin. Then just fry one onlion and add the lamb and yogurt mixture. cook for 20 and yummey again.


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day 2 networking

found a few websites so i am pleased as punch. just got a few days untill the cupboards will be empty and the freezer low. I hope I can last it out without panicing for a few weeks when I should have things in place to avoid a que or a stroll amidst card and tin rather than the forest or fields.

Today was open Farm Day and although I had every intention of networking, strolling, petting and exploring no matter what the weather we took ages buying and then setting up the cages for a hamster and mice for the children.

So I am really sorry to all the farms who lost other due to poor organisation or rain. I hope many others did get out and about on local farms.

We had a power cut tonight and it made me realise that I am going to have to plan ahead and keep things in stock as my supermarket bread, pitta, olives, toms and cheese served us a treat when the electricity was off for over 2 hrs. Where can I buy melon!

Day 1 decision time

This week I have been shopping to fill my fridge 4 times. I spent 4 1/2 hours of my time walking up and down monotanous aisles trying to be polite to people I do not know and will not see again.

I have come home excited that all this food will last us a good week and would make healthy filling meals. I just do not understand why I fail each time and end up going back to the supermarket again and spending usually another £60 -£160.

I have tried online shopping which showed me how much I spend and how often. That really suprised and warned me.

Sadly just a few weeks ago my husband died (17th May 2011) from cancer. But it does mean I am now ready to focus on trying to live healthily and within our means (not that we did not try before).

With supermarket prices shooting up and with their limited options poor ethical attitude I have to make a decision and so now I am on the search of good food, filling food, healthy food and a cheaper bill.

Can it be done?